Treating Candiadiasis naturally


What is candidiasis
For those who are not aware, this refers to a specific health complication that is caused by the occurrence of fungus. The fungus is a type of yeast, and a small amount of the yeast exists in the mouth and intestines naturally. The main role of the fungus is to help reduce digestion and to aid in nutrient absorption procedures as well. That said, when this often is in excessive amounts, it can compromise the wall of the intestine and find its way into the bloodstream. This will then lead to the release of toxic products in the body and candidiasis, which may cause various health complications. There are various natural remedies for candidiasis.
Natural remedies
There are various types of healthy bacteria in the human body, which are used to maintain the functionality of the gut. That said, some few factors can lead to an increased population of bacteria. Some of the top natural remedies to consider include:
1. Garlic- this product contains various sulfur-containing compounds that provide various antifungal benefits that can reduce Candida complications. Using garlic regularly in your diet can lead to various health benefits. You can use two or four cloves a day, by first crushing them to release the compounds.
2. Coconut Oil
This is also another effective remedy for treating candidiasis. In particular, coconut oil comprises of medium chain fatty acids such as lauric acid, capric acid which are beneficial for body functions.
3. Yogurt
The Probiotics that are in yogurt, especially in live cultures play a major role in reducing yeast complications. The lactobacillus culture, in particular, plays a major role in reducing the effects of yeast and with exceptional results.
4.Oregano oil
This particular remedy comprises of a compound that is referred to as carvacrol. This compound has been shown to control the growth and development of Candida yeast. More so, studies have also show that this oil provides various antibacterial benefits for users.